In early September there were two car break-ins in the alleyway behind Tulameen Road including a theft of a set of golf clubs, then later that same week a car alarm was set off in the same neighbourhood.

In mid-September two thieves were seen trying to steel a patio table at 3:00am in the Ptarmigan area when the homeowner managed to chase them away and filed a police report. The next day a motor home was broken into.

In October thieves broke into a garage near Chute Lake Elementary and managed to steal 2 prized dirt bikes. Police speculated that the garage was accessed with a garage door opener.

There is no doubt, though, that Kettle Valley is still a reasonably safe neighbourhood in which to live but we can’t be too casual about it. Beginning in July several cars have been accessed throughout the neighbourhood, mainly due to the owners leaving them unlocked. A couple, however, have been broken into.

Police strongly advise to leave your garage door opener out of sight at all times, no matter where you park your car, because that, along with the information in your registration papers, can leave you and your family vulnerable to a future break-in.