The lot at 5300 Main Street has been sold to a Vancouver developer who is carrying out the Preliminary Design stages for the property.  “We are hoping to have our proposal together by January for development approval from Kelowna City Council”,  says Caldwell Banker realtor, Darcy Nyrose.

The proposal being considered should fit the Kettle Valley area because it will compliment both the residential surroundings and the current commercial adjacent to the property.  “We are planning residential Townhomes with some live-work options”, says Nycroft.

The developer is exploring the live-work concept in building design that would allow a business front on Main Street with a town house residential unit on top or behind. This has proven popular in many American cities such as Ruskin  Place, Florida and Oakland, California.

The appeal for this type of concept is the opportunity to operate a store-front hair salon, or dog grooming service, for example, from an owner’s home without any commuting expenses and having their children walk to school and play in local  parks.

“If all goes well, “ says Nyrose, “we will be ready for marketing by this summer.”  

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